Detective Heading NYPD Ticket-Fixing Probe in Trouble for Finding a Leak in His Own Investigation

NYPD officers indicted in ticket-fixing scandal so far. Photo: NYPD

The detective in charge of the NYPD’s wide-ranging ticket-fixing investigation, which has already resulted in sixteen officers indicted and has dragged the names of almost 600 others through the proverbial mud, is now himself in trouble for trying to rat out a mole in his investigation. Randy Katakofsky had shared information about the investigation with a former partner, Lieutenant Jennara Cobb, to see whether she would pass any of it along to the targets of the probe — let’s just say Lieutenant Cobb did not disappoint. One more dirty cop off the streets, right, Detective? Katakofsky and his lawyer certainly think so, despite now facing internal charges relating to his “integrity test,” which he failed to get formal authorization for. The NYPD is punishing him, Katakofsky’s lawyer told the Times, “for uncovering information that the department didn’t want to hear.”

Detective Heading NYPD Ticket-Fixing Probe Charged