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New Gingrich Super PAC Conjures Reagan

Show and tell. Photo: YouTube

Former top aide to Gingrich and experienced fund-raiser Becky Burkett has turned her efforts toward her old boss again, forming a Super PAC in support of the candidate called “Winning Our Future.” Burkett’s involvement in the group could win Gingrich’s unofficial blessing and get his wealthiest backers to open their wallets, according to the New York Times.

As Gingrich’s GOP rivals begin pouring campaign funds into attack ads against the current front-runner, Winning Our Future will seek to win some cash to deflect the attacks in states like Iowa, where Newt’s numbers have fallen significantly in recent days. Either that or they’re planning a monster buffet at Newt’s next speaking appearance.

On Winning Our Future’s website right now, there’s a one-minute video of Newt speaking at the American Conservative Union Foundation with the cover of Time magazine’s “Why Obama Loves Reagan” issue in hand. The video was actually produced by another PAC that Burkett developed, American Solutions, which was founded by Newt in 2007. In the spot, Gingrich conjures Lloyd Bentsen’s famous “Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine” line of attack and matter-of-factly declares that “Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan.”

New Gingrich Super PAC Conjures Reagan