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Harvard Students Defend Harvard Students’ Right to Get Rich

“Occupy me.” Photo: Jorge Salcedo

A staff editorial in the Harvard Crimson today decries the Occupy demonstrations at a Goldman Sachs recruiting event on campus this week, and wonders aloud what Goldman did to invite such ire. The protest’s message “presents a facile and trivializing interpretation of the root causes of the economic catastrophe and debases our national conversation on the issue,” says the student paper. “For example, an excellent argument could be made that the millions of Americans who took on mortgages beyond their means are equally responsible as a group for the financial meltdown.” (That “excellent” argument is not in this particular editorial.) Somebody has to work at Goldman, the Crimson says, and why not Harvard students, who are not greedy, but merely “looking for a challenging job that lets them experience a newfound financial prosperity”? That’s an A+ in euphemism. 

Harvard Students Defend the Right to Get Rich