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House Postpones Monday’s Vote on Extension

The Republican-controlled House postponed a planned Monday vote on the Senate-passed bill that would extend the payroll tax cut holiday for two months. They’ll now vote on Tuesday.

Why the postponement? This way they avoid a middle-of-the-night vote, plus they might need more time to figure out how to reject the measure without looking like they’re voting down a tax cut. Politico reports:


This much is clear: House Republicans are nearly unified in their desire to drag the Senate back to Washington and have a full-fledged fight over whether to extend the tax cut and other provisions for two months, as the Senate voted to do, extend them for a year, as the House prefers, or let them expire amid partisan squabbling.

This might get messy, as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has vowed not to open talks until the House approves the two-month measure.

House Postpones Monday’s Vote on Extension