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For Reasons Unclear, the Huntsman Daughters Recorded a ‘SexyBack’ Parody

As Jon Huntsman struggles to claw his way to relevance in the GOP presidential race, his main hurdle is convincing voters that he is not, in fact, an Obama-loving RINO (an image that, as the Times’ Ross Douthat explained earlier this week, Huntsman foolishly fostered at the outset of his campaign). So what purpose does it serve for his daughters to release a parody version of Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack,” with lyrics (sung in the style of Dracula, for some reason) like, “We’re bringing Huntsman back, the rest of them is one big circus act”? The only campaign this is going to help is the Huntsman daughters’ thinly veiled campaign to parlay their dad’s candidacy into some kind of post-election media gig.

Huntsman Daughters Record ‘SexyBack’ Parody