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Levi Aron’s Lawyer Adds Hasidic Inbreeding to Insanity Mix

Suspect Levi Aron (man in black cap) was removed to Brooklyn Central Booking fornd Pictures
Photo: Gary Miller/Splash News/?

Attorney Howard Greenberg continues to work his defense in the court of public opinion with claims that Levi Aron, who stands accused of murdering 8-year-old Brooklyn boy Leiby Kletzky, is insane. Outside of the courtroom today after a hearing, Greenberg repeated his recent refrain to reporters — “Levi Aron is either evil or he’s crazy” — before offering up some possible reasons for the latter, two of which were explored in Matthew Shaer’s article from a recent issue of New York. “[Aron] suffered a severe head injury as a young man. There’s a history of schizophrenia,” Greenberg offered before floating a twist. “There’s inbreeding in that community,” he said without going into much detail. “That’s an aspect of his familial history.”

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Levi Aron’s Lawyer Blames Inbreeding