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Long Island SAT Scammer Was ‘Saving Lives,’ According to Himself

This Sunday’s 60 Minutes takes a look at Sam Eshaghoff, the Great Neck high-schooler who was arrested after taking SAT and ACT exams for at least fifteen of his peers for up to $2,500 a pop. He was in it for the money, sure, but don’t forget — he was also, in his own words, “saving lives.” Not even partially saving lives, mind you, but totally:


A kid who has a horrible grade point average, who, no matter how much he studies is going to totally bomb this test, by giving him an amazing score, I totally give him this, like, a new lease on life. He’s going to go to a totally new college. He’s going to be bound for a totally new career, and a totally new path in life.”

Long Island SAT Scammer Says He Was Saving Lives