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Michigan Mayor Lost Love for NYC When ‘Queers’ Started Getting Married

Protesters in Troy, Michigan, demonstrated today in front of City Hall after a weekend’s worth of online controversy built up around an old Facebook status update from Mayor Jance Daniels. Over the summer, when our great state passed a gay-marriage bill, Daniels was not yet in political office, but posted openly on her Facebook, “I think I am going to throw away my I Love New York carrying bag now that queers can get married there.” Today she told protesters, including the Gay-Straight Alliance from a local high school, that she’s “a nice person,” and will not resign. “I’m a good person, I really am,” she insisted. “I said one word that you don’t like. One word.”

On Friday, Daniels told a local outlet, vaguely, “I may have said something like that,” and half-apologized: “I probably shouldn’t have used that kind of language, but I do believe marriage should be between one man and one woman,” she said. But the blog Keep Troy Strong has a screenshot of the comments, since deleted from her Facebook, which shows Daniels’ derogatory remarks exactly.

I think this will pass too, just like all other controversies,” Daniels said today. She also said that her employer, Century 21, has asked her to put her real estate license in escrow, so she has “suffered consequences, too.”

No word on the status of her “carrying bag,” but in New York City, most people — gay and straight — call it a tote. And Daniels probably picked a tacky one.

Michigan Mayor Mad at ‘Queers’ Marrying in NYC