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Mitt Romney Doesn’t Even Care If He Wins the Nomination Anymore

Mitt Romney will have a great life, forever, no matter what happens.

To successfully run for president, you have to have a fire burning inside of you. It’s not like watching Shawshank on TNT for the 30th time — you can’t do it halfheartedly, on a whim, just because it’s there and you have nothing better going on. You need a special kind of single-minded determination and perseverance normally found only in the most elite celebrity stalkers. So maybe it’s a bad sign for Mitt Romney’s chances that he doesn’t seem to give a shit about the possibility of losing. If he wins, great. But whatever.

As he told Politico:

I’m not in trouble. I’m in a great spot. I could become our nominee, or someone else might become our nominee and I could go back to business and go back to my family. Either one of those is a very nice outcome.”

You know … you don’t have to run for president if you don’t want to. You do know that, right?

Mitt Romney Doesn’t Even Care About Winning