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N.J. Mayor Resigns Two Months After Male Prostitute Posted Underwear Pic

Medford, New Jersey, mayor Chris Myers, a married Republican, quit yesterday, despite spending two months denying anonymous online allegations of a sexy rendezvous from someone claiming to be a male prostitute. The accuser put up a website in October (since taken down) that reported he was paid $500 to meet at a California hotel, and included a photo of a man who appeared to be Myers lounging on a throw pillow in blue Calvin Klein underwear, all because the escort said he was promised a car and gifts. “I deny the allegations,” said Myers when the story came out, calling the Internet “a murky, anonymous place.” His resignation letter does not mention the sex scandal.

Myers has missed a town meeting and postponed another since the allegations surfaced. Maybe more nastiness is on the way, or perhaps Myers needs to focus on his wife and two children. But he’s mainly blaming professional responsibilities: “My work commitments will not allow me to devote the time that is needed in the months ahead,” Myers wrote. “That is why, today, I am resigning from the Medford Township Council, effective immediately.” But Myers, who worked as a vice-president at Lockheed Martin, was put on administrative leave last month.

N.J. Mayor Resigns After Underwear Pic