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NYPD Pot Arrests Have Dropped Since Commissioner’s Order

Cannibis plant growing in Israel Photo: Uriel Sinai Images/Getty

New data suggests that NYPD officers have heeded Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s September order that reminded them to not arrest a person with a concealed, small amount of marijuana; concealed possession of less than 25 grams is only a ticketable offense. In the nine weeks after Kelly’s order, there were 7,925 arrests, or 13 percent fewer than the same period last year, according to an AP report. The number of pot arrests in New York probably will still exceed that of any other crime, and net a disproportionate number of blacks and Latinos, often during stop-and-frisks. A reminder, just in case: It’s still not permissible to light up in plain view.

NYPD Pot Arrests Have Dropped Since Order