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Occupy Wall Street Is ‘Squidding’ Goldman Sachs [Updated]

Inspired by the Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi’s emphatic description of Goldman Sachs as “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money,” Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are marching today to the investment bank for an action they’re calling “squidding.” What squidding is exactly — and where OWS might possibly find their own blood funnel — remains a bit vague, but the group is currently moving from its morning meeting place at its old home in Zuccotti Park to Goldman headquarters at 200 West Street in downtown Manhattan. But in a news release for the event, the protesters promise “an exciting theatrical finale” incorporating Taibbi’s now legendary line, which might mean that there will be arrests, but definitely means that someone created a giant homemade squid-head. So stay tuned.

Update: A rally with “placards and papier-mâché replicas of squids” occurred outside of Goldman headquarters this morning, the Times reports, before the protest moved to the World Financial Center, where 17 people were arrested for protesting in the building’s atrium. The demonstrators pledged solidarity with simultaneous protests in Oakland, Seattle, and San Diego, where activsts attempted to block ports. The World Financial Center is owned by Brookfield Properties, which also owns Zuccotti Park. “We thought we would come over and give Brookfield a direct message,” said one OWS organizer.

Occupy Wall Street Is ‘Squidding’ Goldman Sachs