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Occupy Wall Streeters Are Making It Hard for Banks to Recruit on Campus

Princeton, New Jersey, USA - November 5, 2011. A group of students walking towards clock tower of Blair Hall in Princeton University. Princeton University, located in Princeton, New Jersey, is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Chartered in 1746, it is the fourth-oldest college in the United States. Princeton University provides undergraduate and graduate education in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering.
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It was bound to happen eventually. Undergraduate Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have decided to try to cut off Wall Street’s supply pipeline — demonstrating exactly the sort of forward-looking critical thinking that banks are looking for in recruits, actually. Princeton University demonstrators, disguised as eager would-be job applicants, interrupted a JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs recruiting sessions last week, Dealbook reports.

At the JPMorgan Chase session, held on Wednesday, students used the Occupy movement’s trademark “mic check” call-and-response style to lambaste the bank. “Your predatory lending practices helped crash our economy, we’ve bailed out your executives’ bonuses, you’ve evicted struggling homeowners while taking their tax money,” the protesters said, speaking in front of an audience of interested students and bank recruiters. “In light of these actions, we protest the campus culture that whitewashes the crooked dealings of Wall Street as a prestigious career path.”

For the Goldman session, they added “When you came to Princeton as a wide-eyed freshman, you probably didn’t dream of working at Goldman Sachs. What happened?” Peer pressure, a force more powerful than the lure of cash?

OWS Makes Campus Recruiting Hard for Banks