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Bronx Pervert Principal Headed to Sensitivity Training

Copy machines have no mouths. Photo: istockphoto

Bronxdale High School principal John Chase Jr. will be given a letter of reprimand and forced to attend sensitivity training after the Department of Education evaluated a report of his workplace language that required the footnote, “A ‘blow job’ is oral sex performed on a man.” Chase’s remarks were characterized as sexual and inappropriate, but not harassment, which makes some sense in reference to his crude, unfunny joke about a copy machine’s ability to pleasure him orally. Chase says “he never talked about blow jobs in the work place,” according to the report, but the Post contends that the D.O.E.’s Office of Equal Opportunity “substantiated” the claim that Chase made a similarly lewd comment to a female employee. That sure sounds like sexual harassment.

Pervert Principal Gets Sensitivity Training