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Raj Rajaratnam Underling Writing Tell-All Memoir About His Time at Galleon

Raj Rajaratnam, the former Galleon head who was convicted of insider trading, headed off to jail yesterday. But at least he’ll eventually have some interesting reading to keep him entertained: Turney Duff, the 42-year-old hemp-necklace-wearing former Galleon and Morgan Stanley employee pictured at left, just inked a deal, reportedly in the quarter-million-dollar range, to write a tell-all memoir about his time on Wall Street.

It’s called The Buy Side, and his publisher, Crown, calls it “a journey through the trading underworld as well as a look at after-hours Wall Street, where sex and drugs are the quid pro quo in a culture in which a billion isn’t enough.” Here’s the thing, though: No one knows who Turney Duff is (although! He’s got a great name for marketing a finance-jerk persona!) and no one is surprised that sex and drugs are a part of Wall Street culture. So it seems as if Duff is mostly going to write about his two years at Galleon, where he was a health-care trader, but not exactly Rajaratnam’s right-hand man. Couldn’t we have saved the big advance for Rajaratnam’s assistant? His nanny?

Rajaratnam Underling Writing Tell-All Memoir