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Richard Cohen Likes Meeting Ladies on the Web

Richard Cohen.
Flyboy, is that you? Photo: Chance Yeh/

Richard Cohen, real-estate investor and estranged husband to Paula Zahn is once again grabbing “Page Six” headlines for his love life. This time, it’s not his wife accusing him of mismanaging her money; it’s Julie Hayek, a former Miss USA whom he briefly dated, accusing him of mismanaging his time on the Internet. She claims he’s obsessively trolling for dates under the username Flyboyny5987.

Hayek says Cohen told her on their first date in October, “ ‘You better go home and call your mom tonight, and tell her you’ve met the man you’re going to marry.’

But Hayek claims Cohen never returned her calls shortly after the “Autism Speaks” gala at The Plaza on Dec. 5, and adds that the next day, he was logged onto the dating Web site for hours.

Hayek says, “It is disappointing … It’s very hurtful. He’s going to do the same thing to these other ladies … He’s so addicted to”

At least one woman he met on the site, Nanjoo Joung, was angry enough to fire off an angry letter to Cohen, and kindly share it with “Page Six”. “Using the social-media site to fool around,” she wrote. “It is so apparent that you are the country hick and dork living a wealthy lifestyle.” Wait, wasn’t she also on the site? Doesn’t that take the burn out of the diss, a little bit?

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Richard Cohen Likes Meeting Ladies on the Web