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Rupert Murdoch Is the Parent to Ask for Ice Cream

Photo:, iStockphoto

Although Rupert Murdoch’s adult daughter Elisabeth has had to fight to get her father’s attention (and another of Murdoch’s six children from three marriages is in, uh, a somewhat uncomfortable position at the moment), the mogul’s two youngest daughters with Wendi Deng are apparently well behaved and thus, the apples of his eye. At Monday’s Baby Buggy Gala, we asked Deng if her husband indulges the girls, Grace, 10, and Chloe, 8. “Oh, he tries not to,” Mrs. Murdoch said. “But it’s hard to say no because they’re so lovely,” she said, laughing. “He reads to them, and [when] I didn’t want them to have ice cream, Rupert gave them ice cream. Yeah, they often get it from him.” But papa doesn’t give in on everything — at least not yet. “They want a pet; they love dogs, they want a guinea pig,” Deng said. Well, Rupert?

Rupert Murdoch: The Parent to Ask for Ice Cream