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Salman Rushdie Broke Up With Devorah Rose Via Facebook

Star-cross’d lovers. Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images, Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Did Salman Rushdie recently complete a seminar on how to manufacture buzz in the Internet age? Is he teaching such a seminar, maybe? Because his Internet presence has been the stuff of performance art in recent months. There’s the prolific, tonally experimental Tweeting (“ You such a dog, dawg“), the limericks about Kim Kardashian, the Wire-dissing, and the Olivia Wilde friendship. Today brings a “Page Six” item informing us that not only was Salman Rushdie seeing reality-show social aspirant Devorah Rose, but he ended things with her on Facebook.

Rushdie says Rose mistook a “casual acquaintance” for more. But she tells us Rushdie chased her for months, with dinner invitations and Facebook messages, while she was “pursuing an intellectual relationship.” She says he broke things off abruptly on Facebook: “I don’t feel able to pursue what we only just began.

“I felt like he was punishing me for not doing what he wanted. It was so shocking and confusing,” Rose says. She adds she was “so happy” and “relieved” to learn Rushdie just wanted to be pals.

But, she says, it wasn’t long before he was sending her messages saying, “you look so gorgeous and hottt.”

Three Ts. Extra effort is the way to a woman’s heart. But things have turned cold again: After Rose tweeted about one of their dinners, Rushdie reportedly asked her in a text message, in what the Post called a “Love fatwa” to “Cease and desist instantly.” (Not instantttly?) We’re a little sad that this coupling was so short-lived — it seems, against all odds, to make a certain sort of sense.

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Rushdie Broke Up With Devorah Rose Via Facebook