Staten Island Ferry Is Like a Frat House, Says Lawsuit

NEW YORK - MAY 08: A Staten Island Ferry heads towards Manhattan.
Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Is there anyone who thinks sexual harassment is a real thing?” some dolt asked amid Herman Cain’s early “lady” problems. Former Staten Island Ferry employee Jennette Suarez does: She’s filed a lawsuit, alleging that she was fired from her job for complaining about fellow staffers staring at her “intimate body parts” and making “slurping, smacking” noises at her. Passengers were victims, too, she claims, detailing how ferry employees would use security cameras to zoom “down a women’s blouse or up a woman’s skirt,” and two-way radios to alert one another to attractive women, while using “offensive and disrespectful language.” If true, it sounds like pretty run-of-the-mill workplace assholery, which doesn’t make it any better. Actually, the fact that it’s not shocking probably makes it worse.

Staten Island Ferry Like a Frat House: Lawsuit