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‘Subway Vigilante’ Victim Killed Himself on Anniversary of Shooting

James Ramseur Bernhard Bernie Goetz Shooting Victim.
Ramseur. Photo: Mike Lipack/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

One of the men shot by “subway vigilante” Bernhard Goetz in 1984 died of an apparent drug overdose yesterday, exactly 27 years after he was wounded on a New York City subway platform. James Ramseur was released from prison last year after serving 25 years for rape, but was better known as part of the polarizing Goetz drama, in which some people in the crime-ridden city celebrated a white man’s shooting of four black teenagers whom he said tried to rob him. The kids said they just asked for $5. Ramseur fell into a coma after the shooting and, once healed, was in and out of court and jail before ending his life yesterday in a Bronx motel room. He did not leave a note.

‘Subway Vigilante’ Victim Killed Himself