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Authorities Can’t Decide If the Long Island Serial Killer Murdered All Those People

The hunt for bodies. Photo: Spencer Platt/2011 Getty Images

Even the people in charge of capturing the Long Island serial killer can’t decide if the ten bodies found so far (not counting Shannan Gilbert, who was discovered this week) were murdered and dumped by the same person. Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer guessed recently that the killer is probably “working alone,” while the local district attorney Thomas Spota said yesterday, “The facts don’t bear out the single-killer theory.” Only the first four bodies found, Spota said, were in burlap sacks. “We haven’t even identified all the victims,” he added. Spota has put the number of killers at more like three or four in the past, which is frightening — as is the fact that they still seem quite far from catching anyone.

Is the LI Serial Killer Working Alone or Not?