michele bachmann overdrive

Bachmann’s Husband Spent the Day Before Iowa Caucuses Buying Doggie Sunglasses

No wonder Michele Bachmann’s campaign has been floundering. Husband Marcus, whom Bachmann called “the best campaigner in our family,” went out on his own looking for accessories for the family dog yesterday while the rest of Bachmann’s staff mounted a last-ditch effort to stir up supporters at local businesses in Iowa.

Yesterday when we were out on Main Street in Des Moines, he was out buying doggie sunglasses for our dog Boomer, while we were out visiting all of the many business,” Bachmann said in her speech following the caucuses.

As she revealed his whereabouts, Marcus raised his eyebrows, clenched his teeth, nervously smiled, and looked away.

Her campaign may be going down the drain, but at least her dog will remain stylish. Watch the full scene below.

Bachmann’s Husband Busy Buying Doggie Sunglasses