California Has a Genius Plan for Solving Its Budget Crisis

A Sutter wannabe. Photo: istockphoto

California has been facing a massive budget crisis for some time now. Luckily, they’re finding out-of-the box ways to chip away at it. Nearly a year ago, Governor Jerry Brown, staring down a $26 billion deficit, had an idea. What makes everything all better when things areren’t going right in myown life?, we imagine him thinking. Well, that would be his (and man’s) best friend! A Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Sutter. What if I put Sutter’s likeness on T-shirts and sold them for, like, $20 bucks?  The whole WORLD will buy them! Especially if Sutter gets on Twitter. He’s so charming. Crisis solved.

How’d that work out in 2011? Well, the state made $2,011 from its “pooch merch,” which is such a cutesy coincidence that it seems extremely likely Jerry Brown purchased all of it personally. We know what Mrs. Brown got for Christmas!

California’s Plan for Solving Its Budget Crisis