CNN Uses Toylike Figures to Explain Entrance Polling

Stay tuned for candidate Pictionary. Photo: Twitter

CNN’s election coverage tonight included a demonstration involving small toylike figurines used to explain how entrance polling works. Jake Carpenter, whose Twitter profile identifies him as a CNN National Desk Assignment Editor, uploaded a photo of what looks like two separate groups, “late arrivals” and “early birds,” gathered outside a polling center. Apparently there weren’t enough toys for people who showed up right on time.

According to Carpenter, Anderson Cooper himself recognized the silliness and tweeted, “By the way if you miss any of this you can catch it on the daily show with Jon stewart later,” followed by “they weeble, they wobble, but they don’t fall down.” Yes, this will most certainly be lampooned by The Daily Show tomorrow. CNN has relied on gimmicks before, like the Magic Wall and collections of about two dozen reporters with laptops fighting for face time. This one is unique in the amount it insults viewers’ intelligence.

CNN Uses Toylike Figures to Explain Polling