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Jon Corzine Piñata Was Appropriately Without Candy, Money

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A group of pissed off former MF Global employees in Chicago reportedly celebrated the end of their horrible year by bashing their boss in effigy via a “star-shaped piñata” adorned with a photo of Jon Corzine. The party’s mood was “kind of dour” and didn’t exactly improve when the thing was busted open to reveal neither Mr. Goodbars, year-end bonuses, nor the billion-plus in missing customer funds: “All it contained was slips of paper with ‘IOU’ written on them.” Plans for a similar gathering for the bankrupt firm’s staff in New York City were met with inquiries like, “Is Jon Corzine going to pay for it?” to which the ex-CEO might say, “Me first.”

Corzine Piñata Appropriately Without Candy