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Janeane Garofalo Doesn’t Think Anyone Can Beat Obama

Janeane Garofalo==
THE NEW GROUP Celebrates the Opening of RUSSIAN TRANSPORT==
Yotel Club Lounge, New York==
January 30, 2012==
?Patrick McMullan==
Photo: Jimi Celeste/?Patrick McMullan

Last night was the opening night of Russian Transport, a New Group production at the Acorn  Theater. The show features Janeane Garofalo making her theatrical debut as a Brooklyn Russian-Jewish mom who unleashes some funny but awfully biting wrath on her children in the name of hustling some cold, hard dinero. Offstage, Garofalo is by the book, and expects the same of her politicians. Intel caught up with her after the show to discuss Obama’s chances this fall.

There is a segment of this country who would rather commit harakiri than vote for Barack Obama. Not just because he’s a Democrat, but because they cannot abide dark skin. It’s visceral. They can’t abide it,” she explained. “But as a legitimate candidate to go against him? No, there is no one. I don’t see that possibility.” None of them? Really? Well, there was one who briefly caught her attention: ” Initially Ron Paul [seemed authentic], but then you realize he’s just full of it, too. It’s so rare when you are watching a candidate that you can honestly look at that man and say, ‘I believe that that man really believes exactly what he is saying.’”

Garofalo Doesn’t Think Anyone Can Beat Obama