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Gingrich Supporter Sheldon Adelson Denies Involvement in Anti-Romney Documentary

He didn’t even see it!

Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who donated $5 million to pro-Gingrich super-PAC Winning Our Future, claims he has no input as to what the committee does with the influx of cash. Winning Our Future is responsible for the scathing 28-minute documentary about Romney and Bain Capital, which characterizes both as vicious, money-hungry, job-squashing machines.

But Adelson claims, according to a Las Vegas Sun source, that he didn’t even see the Winning Our Future product. The same source claims that Adelson has no involvement with the committee’s strategy or message. “The key to remember here is that he gave a donation to support Newt,” the source said. “What happens from the time when that contribution lands with that PAC to now, he’s not involved with. He’s not been involved in the strategies and the tactics.”

I don’t think anybody with an ounce of credibility would say Mr. Adelson is anti-capitalism or anti-business or even anti-Romney,” the source added. “Mr. Adelson is pro-Newt.”

Adelson is distancing himself, presumably, because the veracity of the film has drawn scrutiny and also because the documentary (and the snippets to be distributed on television throughout South Carolina leading up to the primary) might inflict serious damage to Romney in a general election. It’s really a great film, though. Adelson should check it out.

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Gingrich Supporter Sheldon Adelson Denies Involvement in Documentary