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Greg Kelly, Anchor Accused of Rape, Asked D.A. Cy Vance About the DSK Case on Tuesday [Updated]

This morning allegations surfaced from a woman who said Good Day New York anchor Greg Kelly raped her, with subsequent reports claiming she became pregnant from the alleged assault and later got an abortion. Kelly has denied the accusation and so far no charges have been filed. But because Kelly’s father is police chief Ray Kelly, the job of investigating the claims has fallen entirely to the office of Manhattan district attorney Cy Vance, who coincidentally appeared on Greg Kelly’s morning show the day before the alleged victim came forward. They just happened to speak about sexual assault.

Mr. Vance, we have not had you on the show since the whole DSK story,” Kelly says to the D.A. after a segment on the abuse of the elderly. “Your office chose not to prosecute Dominique Strauss-Kahn for sexual assault — an alleged sexual assault. A lot of people were frustrated. They thought Nafissatou Diallo had a strong case that should have at least gone to trial. Why did your office decide not to prosecute DSK?” Awkward.

Vance responded, “Fundamentally, Greg, it’s a prosecutor’s obligation, I believe, to put before a jury in a criminal case those cases where we are convinced as an office beyond a reasonable doubt that we are both able to prove the case and understand what happened.” How bizarrely prescient.

Update: The Daily News reports that Kelly is going to be absent from his morning show for a bit.

Greg Kelly has requested some time off,” Lew Leone, FOX 5’s general manager, said in a statement. He did not elaborate on how much time Kelly would be off the air, but the station said Steve Lacy would substitute for him Friday and Monday, as he did Thursday.

*This post’s headline has been updated to reflect the fact that Vance appeared on the show Tuesday, not Monday.

Greg Kelly Asked Cy Vance About DSK Case