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John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Is Romney Out of Touch With Ordinary People?

Despite Mitt Romney’s attempts to convince voters he’s one of America’s unemployed, or that he is so cheap he yells at his sons for taking long showers, the “ordinary guy” narrative is becoming harder to believe as Romney has been reluctant to release his tax returns and news has surfaced that he has off-shore investments in the Cayman Islands. So, just an ordinary rich guy. Our own John Heilemann discussed the news with the Morning Joe crew today, saying Romney looks “out of touch” with regular Americans. “I don’t think people begrudge him his wealth,” Heilemann said. “The most damaging thing was the very cavalier way he referred to his $375,000 in speaking fees. For a working-class, middle-class, or even upper-middle-class earner in any state in the country, that sounds sorta like, ’Really?!’”

Plus, checkout Heilemann’s South Carolina primary preview from last night’s Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell:

Heilemann on Morning Joe: Romney Out of Touch?