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Herman Cain to Ride Around Promoting 9-9-9 on ‘Cain’s Solutions Revolution’ Bus Tour

All aboard the Cain Train Bus!

Taking a page from the Sarah Palin playbook for profiting from and maintaining political celebrity, Herman Cain announced on Hannity tonight that he’s launching a movement called the Cain Solutions Revolution. It may sound like a fad diet or a self-help seminar, but it’s Cain’s earnest effort to keep 9-9-9 alive and focus on solutions. “We are going to get commitments from members of Congress in 2012, before Election Day, in order to support 9-9-9, the legislation,” he said.

In response to Hannity’s soft-toss that he wasn’t going away, Cain said, “No, I’m not going away. Somebody’s going to be doing a town hall meeting, and talking about all general platitudes, they might look up and see me across the street doing a rally, talking about 9-9-9, the revolution.”

And have more people at your rally,” Hannity petted. Watch the announcement.

Herman Cain Announces Bus Tour Promoting 9-9-9