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Joe Biden’s Insulting Indian Accent: Was It Actually Russian?

During a jobs speech at a manufacturing plant in Rochester, New Hampshire, today, Vice-President Joe Biden appeared to maybe adopt an Indian accent while imitating a call center employee. At least that’s how the Weekly Standard, Buzzfeed, Atlantic Wire and others reported it. It wasn’t a very thick accent, and it only lasted a moment, so it’s kind of hard to tell. But in the American consciousness, Indian people are the ones who stereotypically man overseas call centers, and furthermore, this would not be the first time Biden has done something embarrassing regarding the Indian people.

But before we all freak out, it’s possible Biden may have actually been showing off his mediocre Russian accent. Just after doing his impression, Biden mentions an ad involving someone named Nancy. There’s a good chance the 69-year-old Biden meant Peggy, as in Discover Card’s “Peggy” ad series:

If it was meant to be a Russian impression, Biden is in the clear. According to the rules of American society, fake Russian accents, unlike fake Indian accents, are totally fine!

Joe Biden Accent: Indian or Russian?