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John Heilemann on Hardball: It’s Almost As If Mitt Romney Doesn’t Want You to Know He Was Governor

On Hardball today, John Heilemann discussed his predictions for tonight’s New Hampshire primary and Mitt Romney’s apparent strategy of pretending he was never actually governor of Massachusetts. He’d much rather you think of him as an ordinary guy or a successful businessman. But not one of those successful businessmen who makes $10,000 bets or who gets his kicks firing people, of course. And now that Newt Gingrich and others are attacking his business record, Romney might regret skimming over his governing years. “Romney backed himself into a corner,” Heilemann said. “He sort of forced his enemies to go after [his business experience] because he won’t let them attack him on Massachusetts because he claims he never governed anything before.”

John Heilemann on Hardball: Romney Was Governor