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Morgan Stanley CEO to Really Unhappy Bonus Whiners: ‘Just Leave’

James Gorman, chief executive officer of Morgan Stanley.
Photo: Scott Eells/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In a picturesque video interview from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Morgan Stanley chairman and CEO James Gorman has a dose of realism for those employees reeling from lower compensation and the capping of cash bonuses at $125,000 this year. “I think everyone understands it. The world has changed,” Gorman tells Bloomberg Television. But to anyone still grumbling, he adds, “I say, you’re naive. Read the newspaper, number one. Number two, if you put your compensation in a one-year context to define your overall level of happiness, you’ve got a problem which is much bigger than the job. And number three, if you are really unhappy, just leave. I mean, life’s too short.” He’s right; we should all probably be at Swiss ski resorts all of the time.

Morgan Stanley CEO to Bonus Whiners: Just Leave