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New York Times Cruise Will Reveal Just How Pasty Your Favorite Writers Are

UNITED STATES - JULY 11: Sunlight reflects off the facade of the New York Times Building in New York, July 11, 2007. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
Photo: Bloomberg

The Paper of Record is setting sail on a Mediterranean cruise that “connects readers and lifelong learners with Times journalists while they enjoy the pleasures of travel.” The big, elitist boat trip has stops in places like Greece, Turkey, and Croatia, with op-ed columnist Joe Nocera and film critic A.O. Scott onboard. Amid the presumable big buffet meals and swimming, the highly reputable journalists will host 30 hours of programming over the course of about 24 sessions for an additional $1,575 fee, on top of the vacation’s cost between $1,799 to $6,099 per person (plus a few more taxes, fees, and gratuities). The diversification of the newspaper business is getting really weird.

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