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Rick Perry Is Not Done Embarrassing Himself Yet

Rick Perry has never looked worse than in this photo. Photo: GovernorPerry/Twitter

Despite declaring late last night that he would head back to Texas and “reassess” his campaign — pretty standard code for “I’m dropping out, leave me alone” —  this morning, fifth-place Iowa finisher Rick Perry tweeted his intention to continue on to South Carolina. (He will debate in New Hampshire this weekend, where he’s polling dead last, but he’s not campaigning there.) Perry attached a photo of himself wearing what appears to be his running outfit to emphasize that he is still in this primary “marathon.” Or maybe it’s a photo of him moments after he decided not to drown himself in that lake, The Awakening–style. Either way, though his prospects are pretty much hopeless, Perry might as well see what happens. Maybe Santorum will quickly implode like everyone else has, Gingrich and Romney will tear each other apart, and Perry will find himself as the only thing standing between Ron Paul and the nomination. Probably though, he’ll just make a few more gaffes and then quit. 

Rick Perry Not Dropping Out Yet