Sarah Palin, Hiring Black People, and 28 Other Things That Delight Mitt Romney

Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney laughs during a spaghetti dinner at Tilton School on January 6, 2012.
“Delightful!” - Mitt Romney. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Since declaring in Monday night’s debate that he is “delighted” to go hunting whenever he gets an invitation, Mitt Romney has faced some mockery for his genteel manner of speech. Maureen Dowd’s column in the Times today, on Romney’s “patrician” tendencies, is called “Hunting, Dear Sir? Delighted!” Democratic strategist Paul Begala used his Daily Beast column to chide the wealthy Republican: 


Really? Delighted? Mitt, dear chap, one is delighted to escort Muffy to the cotillion. You’re fired up to hunt. I can see Thurston Romney III sticking his delicate pinky out of the trigger guard, asking his maid to iron his bullets.

In fact, this was hardly a one-time slipup by Romney. Through the years, he has been delighted by many, many things aside from hunting invitations. Here are 30 other things that delight Romney.

In fact, this was hardly a one-time slipup by Romney. Through the years, he has been delighted by many, many things aside from hunting invitations. Here are 30 other things that delight Romney.

Sarah Palin’s Vice-Presidential Nomination: “I’m delighted that Sarah Palin is our nominee.”

Winning the Iowa Caucuses: “I was delighted.”

Winning the Ames Straw Poll in 2007:I was delighted to do so well.”

Winning the Michigan Primary in 2008: “I’m delighted with the win.”

Placing First in a Poll: “I am delighted that I’m here in first place today.”

A Drop in the Unemployment Rate: “Romney said he was ’delighted’…”

The Raid on Osama bin Laden: “We’re delighted that [President Obama] gave the order to take out Osama bin Laden.”

The Endorsement of Chris Christie: “I’m delighted I have him on my team.”

The Endorsement of Nikki Haley: “I am delighted.”

Early Primaries in Georgia: “I am delighted to hear that your primary is being held early.”

The Idea That Children of Illegal Immigrants Should Become Legal Residents After Serving in the U.S. Military: “I’m delighted with the idea.”

A Hypothetical Bill Outlawing Abortion: “I’d be delighted to sign that bill.”

Visiting the Massachusetts State House: “I’m so delighted to spend some time with you.”

Being Attacked by His Primary Opponents: “I’m delighted to have everybody talking about me.”

Debating President Obama on Health Care Reform: “I’m delighted to be able to debate him on that.”

RomneyCare: “I’m delighted with the fact that we in our state worked together … to find a way to get health care for all of our citizens.”

His Sons’ Career Paths: “I am delighted that each of my sons are following their hearts in different directions.”

Gay People Who Have Families: “I’m delighted that you have a family and you’re happy with your family.

Deval Patrick’s Optimism: “I’m delighted with his optimism.”

Going on Vacation: “You know what, this is my first vacation this year. I’m really delighted.”

Smart Growth Projects: “I am delighted to recognize cities and towns that are leading the way in spurring important smart growth projects throughout the state.”

Homilies: “The archbishop invited me to be here and I was delighted to be here and to hear his homily.”

Canceled Parties: “I was delighted that that was shut down.”

Conventions: “I’m delighted the convention is coming here.”

The Opportunity to Build and Build and Build: “I’m delighted we’re going to have the opportunity to build and build and build.”

Providing Liquidated Items to Charity: “We’re delighted to be able to provide some of these liquidated items to charities.”

The Proximity of Hill Air Force Base: “I’m delighted we have Hill Air Force Base so close.”

When Impetus Comes From Athletes: “I’m delighted [because] the impetus came from the athletes.”

Unaffordable Olympic Tickets: “Mitt Romney said he would be delighted if front-row seats to the 2002 Olympics netted twice their original price.”

The Possibility of Hiring Black People: “We would be delighted and anxious to hire African-Americans at Bain Capital.”

Things That Delight Mitt Romney