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Would-Be Miss NYC Wants to Dine With Hitler

Maybe they could also compare saluting techniques? Photo: Juan Monino/Istockphoto

Next week is the Miss New York pageant. Fun, if you’re into that kind of thing! DNAInfo asked some of the contestants a bunch of extremely harmless questions (“bikini, monokini, or one-piece?”) and mostly got extremely harmless answers. For instance, when asked which person they’d most like to have dinner with, the contestants said something like, “Kendall Jenner” or “my family.” But some of the ladies want a more serious discussion with their bread sticks.

If it was a dead person, I would have to say Hitler,” said Merlix Ventura, a 21-year-old political science and Jewish studies student at City College, who hails from Washington Heights. “Because I am intrigued by the Holocaust and I would love to know his reasoning for the genocide.”

Pretty sure it was “he was a completely evil sociopath who hated Jews,” Merlix. But maybe you’d be able to draw him out over a nice pinot noir.

Would-Be Miss NYC Wants to Dine With Hitler