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Alabama Man Registers Occupy Wall Street Super PAC

John Paul Thornton of Decatur, Alabama, has gone ahead and signed up to start the Occupy Wall Street Political Action Committee, because why not? The amorphous protest movement has a potential candidate for Congress and will now legally have the means to back him and other like-minded politicians with huge sums of money, if they can get their donations back up or find a sugar daddy. With regards to the super PAC’s establishment conformity, Thornton tells the Atlantic Wire, “It does seem counterintuitive. I am out to get the bloated amounts of money out of politics but to do that, we need to support candidates looking to do that.” But he did spice up the application some.

In the space asking for his position within the organization, Thornton filled in “chief principal minister,” and used “keeper of records” elsewhere; a lawyer says he’ll probably have to tone that down. As a final flourish, Thornton showed some solidarity with his brothers and sisters:

Alabama Man Registers Occupy Wall Street PAC