Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Endorses Mitt Romney, Snubs White House Invitation

Gov. Brewer. (MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images) Photo: MANDEL NGAN/2010 AFP

Today, speaking on Meet the Press, Arizona governor Jan Brewer picked Mitt Romney to back in the upcoming primary to be held in her state. Though not a particularly effusive endorsement, she did say that “he’s the man that can carry the day” and “by far the person that can go in and win.” So seems electability is the order of the day again. The governor was also asked to respond to a perceived snub to President Obama after she declined to attend a governors’ dinner being held at the White House tonight. (And so soon after that widely circulated photograph of her pointing a finger accusingly in Obama’s face on an airport tarmac.) “I would never disrespect the president,” she said, “but I have other commitments and I am going to be at the White House on Monday when we all meet and discuss policy.” She then signed off with a rather feeble fist-pump for Romney.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Endorses Mitt Romney