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Ben & Jerry’s, Nirvana Manager Donate to Occupy Wall Street

Photo: Ben & Jerry’s

A new group called the Movement Resource Group, led by Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream deliciousness and former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg, have raised $300,000 so far in an attempt to reinvigorate the Occupy Wall Street movement. More than two-thirds of that money came from the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, and they have goals of raising $1.8 million. “Many of us have been working for progressive social change,” said Cohen, the ice cream man, adding cleverly, “There’s been a critical ingredient missing.” Fortune cookies? Nope — an agenda.

The fund will give grants to proposed projects chosen from an application pool. But not all protesters are thrilled about the structure, with one telling the Wall Street Journal, “They’ve re-created what’s wrong with nonprofits and philanthropy structures.” But with Occupy funds not what they once were, bold-faced names and big money, with pure intentions, should probably not be scoffed at.

Ben & Jerry’s, Nirvana Manager Donate to OWS