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Ain’t No Rule That Says a Cat Can’t Run for Senate!

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If this was a Disney movie, Virginia’s Secretary of State would rifle through a book of election laws and declare that, while it’s highly unorthodox, Hank the Cat is technically allowed to run for Senate. Hank would be the only candidate to challenge Tad Snidely, the corrupt and unpopular longtime incumbent who always runs unopposed because everyone fears his power and wealth. As Election Day nears, Hank would generate newspaper headlines and surge into the lead after saving an orphanage full of children from a deadly fire by pawing awake the head matron. Desperate to salvage the race, Snidely would kidnap Hank and lock him up in his mansion, but Hank would manage to escape with the help of the orphans he saved, and also, during the escape, Snidely would fall face first into a bin of dirty kitty litter somehow. Hank would win the election, and the orphanage matron, as his top adviser, would secure funding for a new orphanage. The movie would be called Mr. Hank Goes to Pawshington.

Cat Running for Senate in Virginia