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Christine O’Donnell: The ‘Door Is Open’ to Another Run

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A surprise guest showed up this afternoon in CPAC’s media filing room, where journalists gather to bang out stories on their laptops and snack on the occasional tray of complimentary pastries, which disappear as quickly as those new elements scientists create in particle accelerators. It was former Delaware Senate candidate and current Romney endorser Christine O’Donnell, there to chat with whomever. Sweetheart that she is, she took a break from promoting the Romney candidacy to tell me about her future plans. 

I don’t know,” she told me when I asked whether or not, considering how rough her Senate campaign was, she would run for office again. “I’ll make up my mind as to whether I’ll run again later on. I’ve learned not to say no.”

So the door is open? “The door is open,” she confirmed. “If I had to make the decision today, I’d say, ‘Heck no!’” But, she added, “I’ve learned not to say no with absolutely certainty until the time is right to make that decision, and I think that there’s still time.”

Or maybe O’Donnell would like a role in the future Romney administration? “Well, who knows,” she told me. “I have to continue to help Governor Romney in any way that I can. Whether or not I would actually work in the administration depends, again, on what role, on what capacity, and what else was going on in my own career at the time.” We were too polite to ask what else she could possibly have going on that would supersede serving in the Romney administration. Maybe she’s just waiting to see if Donald Trump gets Secretary of Lunch Protection.

O’Donnell: ‘Door Is Open’ to Another Run