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Dating Advice for Conservatives

Wayne Elise.

Browse through the CPAC schedule, and you’ll find workshops about taxes and the Constitution and foreign affairs. One of these workshops is not like the others, though: “Conservative Dating,” an informational talk by professional dating coach Wayne Elise open to “conservative singles.” Before a few dozen mostly young conservatives, and about a dozen curious members of the press, Elise —  dressed in all black, Johnny Cash style, save for a white belt — doled out advice to conservatives on how to go on dates without being so … you know, bleh

See, liberals, they have a reputation of being fun, and we don’t have that reputation. We have to go on a date and be fun without smoking pot,” he joked, to a smattering of chuckles. Liberals and their drugs!

But the difference between conservatives and liberals can’t be entirely chalked up to drugs. The problem for conservatives is that they let their political views box them in. “I think a lot of times people that are conservative feel like they have to be conservative in their dating style,” he suggested. “You don’t have to be uptight. You can be funny. You can make jokes at your expense. It’s okay to be a little wacky even.”

The discussion eventually drifted to first dates, which Elise suggested should be relaxed, fun, easygoing. An older-looking man with salt-and-pepper hair raised his hand, and, with 100 percent sincerity, said, “I was gonna say, a gun club works really well for that kind of thing.”

Dating Advice for Conservatives