Facebook Files $5 Billion IPO, Unveils Huge Company Numbers

Photo: Justin Sullivan/2011 Getty Images

Facebook went ahead and filed its preliminary paperwork for an initial public offering today, as expected, and with it comes a bunch of figures that were previously just the subject of speculation. The document, which can be viewed in full here, includes a letter from Mark Zuckerberg in which he insists, “Facebook was not originally created to be a company,” despite that giant $5,000,000,000 number near the top. “It was built to accomplish a social mission — to make the world more open and connected,” he writes. The big numbers, then, are just gravy.

Some figures of note:

- 845 million = monthly active Facebook users

- 100 billion = Facebook friend connections

- $3.7 billion = total revenue in 2011

- $1 billion = net income in 2011

- $500,000 = Zuckerberg’s 2011 base salary

- $1,487,362 = Zuckerberg’s 2011 total compensation

- $300,000 = COO Sheryl Sandberg’s base salary

- $30,873,579 = Sandberg’s total 2011 compensation

- 85 percent = 2011 revenue from advertising

- 12 percent = 2011 revenue from Zynga

-24.8 percent = percentage of Facebook shares owned by Zuckerberg

For the data freaks, there’s much, much more. (Not included is the number of shares to be offered or a price range for said shares.) For Wall Street, where the company will trade with the ticket symbol “FB,” the fun is still to come.

Facebook Files $5 Billion IPO