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Fake Cops Used Mission Impossible-Style Masks in Robbery

Photo: NYPD

There’s something intensely cinematic about a recent heist in Queens, and not just because it occurred on Valentine’s Day. The thieves got away with $200,000 from a Pay-O-Matic, which they robbed dressed as NYPD officers, and investigators still “don’t know if they are white, black or Hispanic” because the trio was wearing high-quality masks, along with gloves and sunglasses. “One of the false faces even looked like pro wrestler Bill Goldberg,” the Daily News reports, calling to mind the pseudo-skin swaps in Tom Cruise’s spy franchise, Ryan Gosling’s Michael Myers-ish mask from Drive, or even the creepy nun disguises in The Town, which has already been known to inspire criminals. We smell an Oscars montage.

Fake Cops Used Mission Impossible-Style Masks