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Gay Marriage Coming to Maryland! Eventually! Maybe!

Marry-land? Photo: iStockphoto

Maryland? More like MARRYland. Kind of. The Maryland state senate passed a marriage equality bill last night, sending the legislation to the Democratic governor Martin O’Malley, who sponsored the bill and intends to sign it. In New York, that would be the end of it, but in Maryland, it’s just the beginning. Opponents of gay marriage are expected to gather enough signatures to put the issue to voters on the November ballot, and same-sex marriages will not take place until that referendum has been decided. Polls in the state indicate a split electorate, so it could really go either way. Know anyone in Maryland? Maybe mention to him or her that since gay marriage became legal in New York last June, you have yet to notice any signs of the supposedly imminent collapse of society. 

Gay Marriage Coming to Maryland! Maybe!