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Goldman Sachs Trader Quits to Pursue Sauna Dream

After a pretty bad bonus year overall, Peter Kizenko is done with the thankless job of working as Goldman Sachs’s chief equity trader in Moscow. “The fun element has been taken out of it,” he told Bloomberg today. “The golf course just got harder, and Moscow is no longer like Chicago in the 1920s where anything goes. Russia is becoming more refined.” Not as refined?: New Jersey, where he’ll be opening a Russian-style sauna.

There are about five to seven banyas already in the New York, area according to Kizenko, who considered opening one in London until he saw how expensive the rents are.

There are a few in Brooklyn and Manhattan, but the aesthetics are not up to scratch,” Kizenko said by phone today. “We are going for a mixture of the contemporary and the classical of Sanduny in Moscow.” Kizenko had his banya, called Bear and Birch, made in Russia and shipped to the U.S., he said.

As Bloomberg reports, “Naked bathers typically beat one another with birch or pine branches before plunging into cold water or rolling in snow to cool down.” Sounds like the Garden State we know and love. See you there!

Goldman Sachs Trader Quits to Pursue Sauna Dream