eye of newt

Guess Who Said This Megalomanical Thing?

Its fate hangs in the balance. Photo: NASA

My job description as I have defined it is to save Western civilization.” Is that a sentence from 

a. An anonymous Irish monk, hunched over an illuminated manuscript, sometime in the Dark Ages
b. Jesus Christ, the year 32 A.D.
c. Superman, late 20th century
d. Newt Gingrich, 1979
e. Michael Bloomberg, 2009
f. Winston Churchill, 1940
g. A very serious player of the board game Risk, 1993

If you said (d) Newt Gingrich, you are correct. He was, at the time, a freshman congressman from a fairly obscure district, having recently completed a fairly obscure stint in academia.

Guess Who Said This Megalomanical Thing?