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Guy Who Believes Women Incapable of Manual Labor Still Enjoys Their Company

Thirty-four-year-old Ian Zelesko didn’t start “Rent-a-Gent” — a website on which he offers his services to single people in need of help hanging shelves, painting, or installing a mounted TV — in order to get dates. Never mind that he doesn’t, according to a Gothamist interview, help out men, or women who are spoken for. (“Any boyfriend or husband worth his salt should be able to do this type of work.”)

No, this man who advertises his services on a personal website, alongside several flattering photographs of himself, just wants to help poor, helpless, lonely women out of the goodness of his heart! “This all started when I helped some friends out with some jobs and they would take me out for beer as thanks,” he explains. “During one beer session we realized there are most likely a lot of women in NYC that need something like this.” By “this,” we have to assume Zelesko means … himself.

Guy Believes Women Incapable of Manual Labor