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John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Mitt Romney’s Love Letter to Michigan

During a speech in Michigan last week, Mitt Romney proudly professed his love for his home state, remembering all the lovely things Michigan is known for: trees (they’re all “the right height”), lakes (not just the Great Lakes!), and cars (this might be a newfound love?). Our own John Heilemann was in the room for that speech and joked with the Morning Joe crew today that it was “awesome” to hear Romney’s “poetic glories” in person, surrounded by people who apparently lapped it up. “They were his people in that room,” Heilemann said. “The people, I think, thought it was a little antic but also really appreciated it and really appreciate him, and that’s the backbone of how he’s going to win that primary, if he’s going to do it.”

Heilemann on Morning Joe: Romney’s Letter to MI